Gaming responsibly is very important to us at Casino Menu. It is important that you play safely on fair sites that will not take advantage of you. It is our goal to ensure that you enjoy playing at online casinos responsibly.


Do you think your Gambling is out of control?


It is possible that you are in total denial about having a gambling problem. It is possible that you might even convince yourself that you are in control of the situation and that it can be ended at any time.

Our recommendation is for you to seek the advice of a counselor if you answer 'yes' to some of the questions mentioned due to gambling.

Are there things you used to enjoy that you no longer do?

Do you miss family events?

Have you noticed any changes in your sleeping, eating, or sexual habits?

Have you neglected work, school, or family responsibilities?

Is money a source of conflict for you and others?

Is your use of drugs and/or alcohol increasing?

Are you neglecting your children and/or leaving them alone?

Is gambling always on your mind?

Is spending money on other things is less of a priority for you than online gambling?

When you gamble or pay gambling debts, do you cheat or steal to get money? Do you have gambling-related legal problems?

Do you often arrive late at work?

Are you neglecting your personal responsibilities?

Do you find yourself withdrawing from family or avoiding family functions?

Feelings of anger or mood swings occur often in your life?

Are you bored or restless?

Have you ever experienced depression or suicidal thoughts?

Are you frequently borrowing money or requesting salary advances?

Have you cashed in insurance policies or savings for gambling debts, or used them to gamble?

Do you suffer from headaches, stomach troubles, insomnia, or a decrease in appetite?

You may also assume that someone else may have a gambling problem if all of the above applies. The next section will help you understand how to get the help you need if this applies to you or someone you know.


What Help is available?


If you or someone you know or love has a gambling problem, there are many resources available to you.

These include:

Those affected by problem gambling have access to free and confidential treatment and counselling through the South African Responsible Gambling Foundation.


Tel: 080 000 6008 (toll free)

Gamblers Anonymous SA

060 624 7140 or 071 377 2746


Block online gambling websites and casinos


If you feel like your gambling habits are out of control, the best solution may be to go cold turkey and block the casino and/or betting sites. In other words, even if you wanted to, you couldn't access the sites and spend money there.

You can set limits on your online casino account

You can limit the amount of money you spend at most online casinos. By setting a maximum amount, the online casino won't be allowed to let you gamble more than that amount.  Changing the amount is always an option.


Self-exclusion option


Ask the online casino to exclude you if you are not confident that you can stay away from the site, even if you know that you have a gambling problem. Therefore, you'll not be allowed to play for real money even if you request that they fund your account. Self-exclusion can be temporary (a week, a month, a year) or permanent.